INSPECT5 is solely developed by The Inspection Group. INSPECT5 is designed by inspectors so inspections can be completed quickly and accurately in the field, along with easy reporting. The software is designed using Uniform Physical Condition Standards (UPCS) protocols, the defect definitions used during HUD REAC PASS inspections. This protocol has become the standard of property inspections for HUD, USDA and IRS Tax Credit housing throughout the country.

When an inspection is created it is assigned a unique ID. Therefore one person must create the inspection being worked by multiple inspectors and pass it to the other inspectors. The inspection can be passed to the other inspectors through a thumb drive using the Export/Import features or by Upload to the cloud where the other inspectors can Download it.

Inspection reports can be created in ADOBE PDF, Microsoft Word, and Microsoft Excel formats and shared with others.

Only employees of the same company can view the same inspection within INSPECT5.

When you start up INSPECT5 and have an internet connection a message will be displayed informing you when there are updates. Updates are downloaded from inspect5.com.

When you uninstall the application the inspection data file is left on your device. If you later re-install the application your inspections will be available.

Report software problems using the Contact Us page at inspect5.com

Use the Contact Us page at inspect5.com to ask questions about inspections and using INSPECT5.