Inspect5 Housing Inspection Software

Inspect5 is the new industry standard for UPCS, REAC, and LIHTC related inspections of multifamily and public housing properties and apartments, allowing quick data capture for internal maintenance and compliance activities.

Inspect5 Housing Inspection Software Can Be Used In

  • Low Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) Inspections
  • Public Housing Agency Inspections
  • Private Multifamily Housing Inspections
  • State and Local Government Applications of UPCS
  • Asset Management Applications
  • Property Maintenance Applications
  • Internal Surveys Required by HUD

Full UPCS Compatibility

Inspect5 uses the same UPCS defect definitions that are used in the HUD (Housing and Urban Development) REAC (Real Estate Assessment Center) PASS (Physical Assessment Subsystem) inspection and the IRS mandated LIHTC inspection. The REAC UPCS has become the accepted standard of multifamily properties and IRS tax credit throughout the country

Inspect5 Feature Overview

  • Windows tablet design
  • Works with multiple inspectors on a property
  • Defect photos utilizing tablet camera
  • REAC based scoring
  • Built-in UPCS Deficiency Definitions
  • Share PDF or Excel Reports
  • Import/export inspection data
  • Share inspections with others in your company
  • Continuing updates to the latest version of the software